Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Can I stop to breathe?

Just for a second?

The first eight days of school have flown by. (I say 8 because, yes, I had to work on Labor Day.)

I have hardly been able to catch my breath. This is how I felt all last year and I am determined to get some sort of organization in place.

Just not this week.

I have been informed that I will have a education student intern in my classroom every Tuesday and Thursday. (Someone to assist me? Yes, please!)

I am also a mentor to a teacher down the hall.

I am trying to keep my own head above water.

But... I love my classes. They are pretty much the best group of students I have ever had. My homeroom class is just so easy to teach. I can give them a task, explain it once, and they are good. I just walk around and facilitate. We are working on the other two.

Quotes from my classroom this week:

"This is pretty much my favorite class!"

"Do we have to leave?"

"I love school! I am having so much fun!"
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