Sunday, May 24, 2015

Teaching Philosophy

Its the end of the year and everyone is done. We have one week of "real school" left before we enter a week of field days, awards, talent show, etc.

While I am dreaming of a summer of book reading, sleeping in, and spending time with my baby, I need to be reminded that I still have students to teach. For 8 days anyways.

I came across an old blog post from before I got a teaching job about my teaching philosophy.

It starts with this quote:

"I was successful because you believed in me."
--Ulysses S Grant to Abraham Lincoln

Expectations matter to our students. They all deserve someone who believes they can be successful. I work with students who come from difficult backgrounds, who go home to difficult situations, and generally don't have family encouraging them to do their best.

I always had personal cheerleaders at home who expected me to do well in school and go to college. That made a difference in the choices I made. It is something I took for granted until I realized that not everyone has that.

I absolutely believe that my students are capable of being successful in life. They need to know that someone believes in them. They don't need to be told they will end up in jail one day. (Something I've actually hear a teacher tell a group of students.)

So as the school year ends, I want to remember why I am there in the first place.

What is your teaching philosophy?
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