Sunday, January 29, 2017

Hiatus--A New BABY!

 I have been horrible about blogging since LAST APRIL.


Because I was PREGNANT and had felt so sick and tired all the time. It took a lot of energy to do anything.

And I realize now that I am not pregnant, how tired I felt the entire time I was pregnant. Even though the longest stretch of sleep I have had in 2 months is 4 hours (only 2 times), I am not as tired now as I was then.

So, those are my excuses. So let's see a picture or two!

This little boy is a bit more temperamental than his older sister and is not sleeping through the night like she did at 2 months, but he is still freaking adorable. 

I have 5 weeks of maternity leave left. I am trying to cherish every moment I have with him. So when I spend the whole day on the couch because he wants to be held and my house is a mess, I remind myself that in 15 years, he isn't going to want to cuddle with me! 

That's what is up with me! I am making a commitment to blog at least once a week. I did a lot of awesome things in my classroom since I got pregnant that I need to share (all my energy went to teaching and my toddler). 

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