Thursday, January 3, 2013

Fortune Teller Project

I found this idea on Pinterest awhile ago and have tried it twice this year. 

The first time was when technology failed me horribly. One day I had a lesson planned where I needed the computer and internet, and I just couldn't get them to work. Luckily my conference period is first thing in the morning when I realized my day wasn't going to work. I remembered this foldable and sent my intern to cut some large 11x17 paper to square size.

That day, we reviewed science vocabulary. The students chose 8 words from their science notebook. On the top triangle, they put the vocabulary word. Underneath, they put the definition and a picture or example of the vocabulary word. The students loved it. Who doesn't like  making fortune tellers in the open instead of trying to hide it! Best of all, if they didn't finish that day, they got to pull it out later in the week when they finished something else. 

The second time I used it, I planned it out a bit more. At the end of our unit on Renewable Energy, I set up a choice/menu board. One of the choices was a fortune teller.  On the top triangle, students wrote the 4 types of renewable energy they chose and included the pictures. Underneath they wrote the advantages and disadvantages of each. 

Some students, really did their best work on this. These are some of my favorite examples. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Vacation

It is almost over! My husband went back to work today (teaching high school debate) and I go back to work tomorrow.

It has been an amazing break. I got to see family and I didn't 2 hours of work over the whole break. I would have done more, but then I decided that it was my vacation and I didn't have to work.

But it is good. Because now I feel rejuvenated, which I have been hoping, praying and wishing for since Thanksgiving break ended.

So, I'm back. The year is half way over. And that pile of papers I left ungraded just might get graded this week.

How do you feel after the Christmas Vacation? Are you ready?
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