Monday, June 15, 2015

Rational Numbers Venn Diagram

I am looking over my year and creating new things, upgrading old lessons, and keeping the good stuff.

This is one activity from the very beginning of the year that had the students practice classifying numbers that I will be using again this year.

I gave each group of students a graphic organizer.

We reviewed what type of numbers were included in each set. Then the groups of students had a index card and had to list 10 numbers of various types that the next group would have to place correctly on the graphic organizer.

Because the students were creating a quiz for other students, they got creative with the numbers they chose and tried to "trick" their classmates.

Once students had their assignments from their classmates, they worked together to place the numbers. Then I had the students pass their work forward to another group to grade it for them.

So the students talked 3 times in the space of about 20 minutes about 3 different sets of numbers. I also love how the students get feedback on their work and the conversations they had as they debated where they numbers went.

You can get this Venn Diagram for FREE on my TpT store right now.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

STAAR Quick Reference Guides

This is a resource for Texas Teachers.

I do not think that TEA has a good place to find the TEKS. And I like to refer to the TEKS often and don't like to carry around a lot of papers.

Region 20 has a list of STAAR resources that include a Quick Reference Guide.

For 6th grade math, I carry this around glued in my notebook.

I love it. It has all the TEKS and lists Readiness and Supporting. So much easier to navigate then the TEA website. 

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