Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A baby!

I abandoned this blog. School started, I started my master's and I had a baby. I have spent 15 glorious weeks off with her and I go back to work on Friday. A lot of people don't take that much maternity leave, or they plan the baby with summer in mind. After 4 years of trying for her, I didn't care when she came and I was going to take as much time off as I could.

And that time is up. So, I would like to continue to post ideas on this blog to share.

As part of my master's, I have studied a lot about inquiry learning in science. I will be trying to update my lessons to be more inquiry based.

We also have the STAAR test coming up closer than I want and they kiddos need to review.

We are more than halfway through the school year! Summer is going to be here soon!
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