Sunday, October 25, 2015

Multiplying Fractions with Models

My students have a difficult time interpreting fraction word problems. And I do not blame them. I have a difficult time interpreting fraction word problems when it involves multiplication and division.

To help them practice, we draw pictures and models.

We start our lesson with folding patty paper. The paper that is between hamburger patties. It is a square and thin. We divide the paper as it says, shade in the fractional parts in different colors, and then where the colors overlap is your answer. (I'll be recording a video showing the process later.)

This was another teacher's patty paper. I like how she identified the parts of the fractions with the sections. 
For multiplying fractions, I also pull the fractions we are multiplying from word problems. I want students to connect the process with some context so it is not brand new to them. 

I created this notes page that I am looking for some feedback on. I've already taught this lesson this year and combined some different elements to fit on one notebook page. I hope to use this guided math page next year, and maybe even later in the year as we review for the state test. 

It is free on Teachers Pay Teacher right now. If you download it and use it, please let me know what you think. 

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