Thursday, January 31, 2019

Best Ted-Ed Videos

I love Ted Ed videos. They are beautifully done and explain topics in a unique way. I want to share some that cover topics we might teach in math or science.

The videos are not meant to teach an entire concept to students, but rather a way to understand the concept in a more real-world situation.

To be honest, it would be nice if teachers had more time to teach mathematical and scientific concepts in the actually situations and money for better tools. Like the soccer one, how cool would a lesson on force, velocity, and friction be where students figure out the best way to do the impossible kick and take measurements as they go?!

Why can't you divide by zero?
Topics covered: Division, Multiplication, Properties of Operations, and Zero

Why do airlines sell too many tickets?
Topics covered: Statistics (binomial distribution), probability

Football Physics: The impossible free kick
Topics Covered: Newton's 1st Law, Velocity, Force

The weird and wonderful metamorphosis of the Butterfly
Topics: Metamorphosis

Pangaea Pop Up
Topics: Plate Tectonics

What happens when continents collide?
Topics: Plate Tectonics, Plant and Animal Migration, Fossils as Evidence

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