Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Interactive Notebook Pages-Rational Number System

My project for the summer has been to make an interactive math notebook for the year. When I taught science, I used it the notebook all the time and LOVED it. Last year was my first year teaching 6th grade math and I didn't really start using the notebook until November. We set it up the first week of school, but then it would be a thing we would get out every once in a while. I really missed having one consistently. 

I want it to be truly interactive as well. Something students can use throughout the year to study, add to, revisit. I also want to incorporate more journaling in it. 

So these are the pages I've created so far for our first unit--The Rational Number System. Use these pages as inspiration to create your own. Or you can buy individual pages or the BUNDLE at my Tpt store. (I'm having a sale from 7/29 to 7/31)

The first page will be a VENN DIAGRAM that the students will add to as they learn about the different types of numbers

Whole Number, Natural Numbers and Integers
Fractions As Division

Absolute Value and Opposite Numbers
Rational Numbers
Ice cream Cone and Ice Cream flip up and explain why each type of number can be written as a fraction

Fraction, Decimal, Percent Converting
Ordering and Comparing Rational Numbers

Coordinate Plane
I've left various pages blank to add in practice that we'll do at in small groups.

One of those pages will be for this activity made by my new co-worker. It is an awesome Rational Number Sort. 

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