Saturday, August 15, 2015

Getting Ready

I start inservice on Monday but I spent a few half days in my classroom while my daughter was at daycare. This is the first year that she will be in daycare and I wanted her to spend some time there before throwing her in for a full day.

This week I:

Wrote postcards to my students asking them to come to Meet the Teachers. I am super proud of myself for doing this. It helps to have a campus that gives a list of students ahead of time rather than 10 minutes before Meet the Teacher. And it is something that I always plan to do, but actually did!

These are the only school supplies I bought for my classroom and I am going to try to keep it this way. I use composition notebooks for our ISN and the spiral for our Daily Math Review (warm-up). I bought extra for those that may not have any. Last year I waited until after school started to buy composition notebooks and I couldn't find them anywhere! Not this year.

I finished one half of a bulletin board which lists the jobs of my classroom managers. My classroom management this year relies heavily on students taking control of the mechanics of the classroom. I got this idea from Hodges Herald to assign groups of students to a set of similar jobs. This will work so much better than me coming up with 20+ jobs, remembering who is what for 3 classes, and remembering to switch them. I'll let you know the all the details when I finalize it.

I bought a few classroom decorations. These borders will be laminated and used as number lines.

And I LOVE these posters. There were so many to choose from but I want to focus this year on taking risks and trying. These posters convey that message. I am going to put the middle one next to a chart that tracks how many times I make a mistake in Math class... because it happens.

Other than that I am packing up our apartment and HOPING we can move in next weekend. The builder will be done. It all depends on the bank.

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