Monday, November 30, 2015

Instant Feedback Part 2

So we all agree that giving students feedback on their work is important. (see this post) AND the fast you can give it, the better.

Using technology is an easy way for students to get feedback. Most apps that students would use to practice fluency and new skills gives them immediate feedback.

Most new math textbooks now come with online access for students. Even if most of your students do not have access at home to the internet, you can still give them to option to complete homework online.

However, not every one has access to technology. I am extremely lucky to have 10 working computers and 10  ipads in my room which we use on a daily basis. However, not every classroom has technology and there might not be an app or activity online that covers what you are doing. There are still activities students can do.

Fill in a Riddle

There are several resources where students solve a riddle by completing math problems. We use Pizzazz books on my campus and there is basically practice sheets for every concept we teach. As students solve the problem, they find their answer. If the answer isn't there, then they know they made a mistake. 

QR Codes

There are so many ways to use QR codes in your classroom. You will need a device that has a QR code reader on it. You can have task cards where students do the work and then scan the code to check their answer. You can add QR codes to the end of a worksheet where students check their answer.

You can have card sorts where students have to match cards where each card has one half of the QR code and then when they match the card they put the QR code back together. If it scans, the answer comes up correct. If the QR code doesn't scan, then it isn't the correct answer. Just google QR code math activities ( or any subject) and see what comes up.

Color by Number

Even middle school students will color. This is similar to the riddle. The students solve a problem and if they find their answer on the picture, they know they are correct. With this, along with the riddle, students can easily get the riddle and picture by copying. Make sure to require students to show their work.

Graphing Picture

To practice graphing, mystery pictures provide lots of practice and students can see by the end if they have a picture or just a jumble of points. These mystery pictures do not just have to be ordered pairs. There are some that make students solve a problem before getting the ordered pair. For example, (-3+-4, -5+2) is the ordered pair (-7, -3).

What other ways have you found that help students see if they are on the right track?

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