Monday, August 18, 2014

New Classroom

This is my new classroom! It has 7 large windows! An entire wall of windows. My last classroom had one window that was 3x3. I am sure that I might get distracted by them sometime this school year. Especially if it is raining. Also, supposedly a guy will break dance around the school during the day.

My school is one of the oldest in my district. It is now an intermediate, but it used to be the high school and then a junior high. It is huge and has a lot of history. I love it already.

I just got into my classroom on Thursday because the outside walls of the school were being redone, so these would be my before pictures. Hopefully I can get all my stuff put up and ready for Meet the Teacher on Thursday!

I love the windows!

All the cabinets are already full! I don't know where my stuff is going to go yet. 

More Windows!

Not many bulletin boards to decorate! That's a plus for me!

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