Sunday, August 12, 2012

I need help!

I am asking for you help!

Because I only have two years of teaching under belt, both years at the same campus and under the same principal, I don't have much to compare anything to.

I would like to know how you 4th or 5th grade teachers handle reporting conduct to the parents. Specifically, do you send home a weekly conduct chart or a daily conduct chart. Or do you do something completely different. If you work at a school with very low parental involvement, I would love to hear from you!

If you send a daily conduct chart home, how does that work?  What are the daily steps involved. I am trying to collect ideas and I want to hear some ideas on what might potentially work and want might not work.


  1. I teach 5th and I am at a school with high parent involvement. I send home a weekly newsletter that also includes behavior for the week (a simple checkmark from me). This is sent home on Friday and students must bring it back, signed, the following Monday. I do make them sit out at recess until it is returned. I can send you a copy of what I use if that helps.

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  2. We use labels daily and weekly. We have a generic good day label that students get as long as they had no issues. Then we have a label with common offenses. This is posted with the behavior chart in the room, so when students flip their card, move their clip, etc, they grab the label and check off whichever offense applies. The labels go in their agendas. I have students who help with the whole thing. They stick a label in the agendas of students who had a a great day. I follow up with students who did not during recess. Just to make sure they marked everything correctly and to reflect. Agendas are signed nightly. Then I use an overall behavior/academics label on Fridays. That's a little more specific. Again, parent signature is necessary. I can also send a copy if you want.

  3. We use a weekly conduct card. The student gets a conduct mark if theyve been warned, but still don's comply to our classroom rules, including not turning homework in on time. Three conduct marks in a grading period will results in a n "S", 6 will results in an "NI", and 9 results in a written behavior plan with the parents. Parents sign the weekly conduct card on Friday and return it on Monday. We also write positive comments on the cards. = )

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