Thursday, August 2, 2012

Top of My List

School starts this month! I have realized the my to-do list will probably not get finished by the time school starts, so I am prioritizing this morning.

First up, new clothes.

My husband and I have decided to use our extra money from summer school to buy new clothes. So I have been scouring Pinterest for my new wardrobe. I am not a shopper. I go straight to the clearance rack and pick something that mostly fits.

But I have recently decided that I have a real career now and I should get to buy clothes that are awesome.

Based on what I have been pinning, I love cardigans, belts and ruffles.

I know that Ann Taylor and J.Crew give teacher discounts, although I haven't tried them out yet. Does anyone know of other stores with great deals?

1 comment:

  1. I just went to Kohls and Target and got amazing deals, thus of course didn't even have to pay for taxes, I too am a teacher going on my 6th year and yes cardigans and skirts and slacks are defiantly a staple, I just put the current look underneath and have never had to get ride of a single sweater :) I love Ann Taylor and the ones you mentioned however it gets really pricey so here is what I do, spend some money then use the kohls dollars and a coupon a few weeks later on the stuff I didn't really have to have. I hope you have a Kohls if not I have great luck at Target, Ann Taylor and Ann Taylor Loft and also small shops around town. I hope you have great luck and have a fantastic year !!


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